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The following are short lo-fi clips of the new Spadaro CD, the Patti Spadaro Band, and Patti's CDs recorded with the Zookeepers. To hear more, please visit


Spadaro - "Short Stay"

Clips from the new CD - featuring Patti & Stefana on vocals

Song Title Format
Give a Little Back RealAudio
Let's Roll RealAudio
Preconceptions RealAudio


The Patti Spadaro Band

Clips from the 3 song tape with Roger Len Smith and Sherby on vocals

Song Title Format
Short Stay RealAudio
Short Stay .wav
Time Enough RealAudio
Time Enough .wav


Patti and the Zookeepers

Song Title Format
Sweet Justine RealAudio
Sweet Justine .wav
It's Amazing RealAudio
It's Amazing .wav
Wonder RealAudio


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