"Short Stay" - the new Spadaro CD


The new CD "Short Stay" is here. Patti Spadaro and Stefana Dadas share the lead vocal responsibilities on this new release. Stefana's unique and passionate style has been compared to Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin. The CD combines bluesy syncopated rhythms with plenty of ripping guitar solos and improvisation. All tunes are written by Patti, she plays all the guitar tracks, and sings lead on "Give a Little Back" and "Watch it Fly"; and Stefana sings lead on everything else. The band features Chuck Schmedeke on drums, Nate Tshetter on keyboards, Gary Geiser on bass, and Karen Schmedeke on back-up vocals. Patti produced the CD, while Nate Tshetter engineered and mixed at Glue the Moose Studios in Laguna Hills, CA.


  • Give a Little Back
  • Let's Roll
  • Short Stay
  • Watch it Fly
  • Time Enough
  • Preconceptions

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    Other Projects
    The Smith/Spadaro Band
    Patti Spadaro - Lead Guitar, Vocals
    Roger Len Smith - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    Chuck Schmedeke - Drums
    Nate Tschetter - Keyboards
    Karen Schmedeke - Back-up vocals
    Don Lacorte - Bass
    Brian "Smitty" Smith - Percussion


    Featuring most of the same musicians as "Spadaro", the Smith/Spadaro Band adds vocalist Roger Len Smith to the party. They recently opened up for Little Feat at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.


    The Patti Spadaro Band
    Patti Spadaro - Guitar
    Sherby - Vocals
    Roger Len Smith - Vocals
    Louis Fudale - Drummer
    Lynn Woolever - Bass


    Roger, Patti, and vocalist Sherby's latest joint recording is now available. This is a limited edition 3 song tape.

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    "After silence, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible is music" - Aldous Huxley

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